LG Hado is a software development and offshore software company based in Penang, Malaysia. Our team has more than fifteen (15) years extensive experience in many sectors like Microsoft .Net Development, Wireless Application Development, Clipper Programming. We have designed and developed customized software application for various industries such as Electronics, Textile, Plastic and Molding.

We provide wide range of IT services as below:

  • Web-base application development
  • Client-server and n-tier architecture application development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Database solution

Quality assurance emphasizes the prevention of defects and the addition of quality throughout the software development methodology. We provide reliable, quality, and value added services to focus on your core business needs. Effective project management ensures all our projects on time and on budget, meeting all service level commitments, keep the team motivated and focused on the high quality products and successful delivery. We have developed a repeatable, effective software development process and well-proven testing methodology to ensure the high quality of application and successful delivery to our clients.

Our team is comprised of talents with extensive working experience in both IT and business field. We have more than fifteen (15) years experience in system design and development for manufacturing industries.